Tadej Vaukman

Born in 1984, Dravograd, SI

Lives and works in Ljubljana, SI


2024 San Lorenzo, Curated by Tevž Logar, RAVNIKAR, Ljubljana, SI
2023 GrandHeroes, Artissima, Torino, IT
2023 Before it Gets too Loud II, Veli & Amos Artist Run Space, Zurich, CH
2023 viennacontemporary, Vienna, AT
2023 Before it Gets too Loud I, KULA, Belgrade, RS
2022 If I Die Tomorrow, This Could Be My Retrospective, RAVNIKAR, Ljubljana, SI
2021 Pristine Dump U10 Artist Run Space, Belgrade, RS
2021 But Don’t Show This To My Kid, ŠKUC Gallery, Ljubljana, SI
2021 Mentors: Uranjek & Vaukman, Fotopub, Ljubljana, SI
2020 Ritual Purification, P74 Centre and Gallery, Ljubljana, SI
2020 Ritual Purification: Second Act, Carinthian Gallery, Ravne na Koroskem, SI
2020 Ritual Purification: The Closing, Centre for Contemporary Arts Celje, Celje, SI
2018 Dick Skinners, Makina Gallery, Pula, HR
2018 GrandHeroes, RAVNIKAR, Ljubljana, SI
2018 Dick Skinners & GrandHeroes, Studio 12:22, Maribor, SI
2018 GrandHeroes, Guillaume Daeppen, Basel, CH
2017 Watch out, fresh graphics! Heaven is A Place on Earth, TAM-TAM, Ljubljana, SI
2017 Larry #2, Zinko Ticek, House of Culture Pivka, Pivka, SI
2016 Spaghetti Boys, P74 Centre and Gallery, Ljubljana, SI
2015 Dick Skinners, Guillaume Daeppe, Basel, CH
2015 Dick Skinners, UAUU, Ljubljana, SI
2015 FOKUS festival of original photography, AQ Gallery, Celje, SI
2015 Larry, GT22, Maribor, SI
2015 Larry, House of Culture, Pivka, SI
2012 Ever, Pinkhaus Skate Shop, Berlin, DE
2011 Angels Are Full of Shit, Basemintizid Gallery, Heilbronn, DE


2023 Novo, New Nouveau, Now, RAVNIKAR, Ljubljana, SI
2022 viennacontemporary, Vienna, AT
2022 Positions Berlin, Berlin, DE
2022 New Acquisitions, Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Slovenj Gradec, SI
2022 Artists in Dialogue, Collection of Poems by Anja Golob, Kresija, Ljubljana, SI
2021 ImageNation Paris, Galerie Joseph 51 Turenne, Paris, FR
2021 VOJTEH, Museums of architecture and design, Ljubljana, SI
2021 Project Jesenice, Photography Gallery, Ljubljana, SI
2021 AIR4, RAVNIKAR, Ljubljana, SI
2020 Home and Abroad, Skyscraper Passage, Ljubljana, SI
2020 Autopornography on St. Nicholas Day, Private apartment, Ljubljana, SI
2019 viennacontemporary, Vienna, AT
2019 Hešteg Grda Račk, Centre of Contemporary Arts, Celje, SI
2019 Exhibition of the OHO Group Award 2019, P74 Gallery, Ljubljana, SI
2019 Unreliable Environment: 17 Examples of Contemporary Photography, Museum of Modern Art, Ljubljana, SI
2019 Just Paper, Agnes b., New York City, USA
2018 Triennial of Contemporary Art, Carinthian Gallery, Slovenj Gradec, SI
2018 Personal, Kibla Portal, Maribor, SI
2018 When he hit the door for the second time, I put a poster over the hole, Kresija, Ljubljana, SI
2017 ZINES! Contemporary Zine Production, MGLC, Ljubljana, SI
2016 ZINEZINE, P74 Centre and Gallery, Ljubljana, SI
2016 4. 4., ŠKUC Gallery, Ljubljana, SI


2026 Telegraph Residency, Olomouc, CZ
2020 Public Book Agency, Top scholarship 2020
2019 Residency Unlimited, OHO Group Award 2019, NYC, USA


Museum of Modern Art, Ljubljana, SI
Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Slovenj Gradec, SI
Franklin Furnace Archive, Inc., NYC, USA
RIKO Collection, Ljubljana, SI
Guillaume Daeppen, Basel, CH
Various private collections


46 Writings, 2021
NYC Scrapbook, 2020
Shed No Tears 2, 2019
Grandheroes (Rostfrei Publishing), 2018
The Portal, 2018
Yulka Castle, 2017
Larry #2, 2017
43, 2016
Shed No Tears, 2016
Dick Skinners (Rostfrei Publishing), 2015
Larry, 2015
Breakfast, 2014
585, 2014
Ever, 2013
Bummer! #2, 2013
Bummer!, 2013
Good Kids 2, 2012
Count Me In, Tada!, 2012
You will never hurt me again, 2011
Good Kids, 2011
Mini Kino, 2011
Winterthurimpressions, 2010
Anti Social, 2010
Pure Fun, 2010

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