Simon Kocjančič

Born in 1979, Koper, SI

Lives and works in Truške, SI

Simon Kocjančič, a graduate in Painting from the University of Visual Arts in Ljubljana, is a versatile artist recognised for his distinctive style, often navigating the intersection between the abstract and figurative. His artistic journey extends across various mediums, including painting, drawing, graphics, photography, and the creation of artistic fanzines.

Having presented his work in solo exhibitions at renowned galleries such as Galerija P74 (2016), RAVNIKAR (2019, 2021, 2023), and ŠKUC Gallery (2022), as well as participating in numerous group showcases both in Slovenia and abroad, Kocjančič has established himself as an influential presence in the contemporary art scene.

In addition to his exhibition history, Kocjančič's artistic exploration extends to the realm of publishing. In 2022, he released "Hideout," a compelling collection of analogue photographs in collaboration with PrivatePrint Publishing (Skopje, MK), showcasing his versatility and creativity beyond traditional mediums.

What sets Kocjančič apart is not only his diverse artistic repertoire but also his innovative approach to presenting his works. He consistently challenges traditional perceptions, creating immersive and interactive experiences for viewers. His paintings, often described as an interplay of colourful combinations featuring recurring motifs like brick walls, small rugs, and cube shapes, transcend the conventional canvas. Mounted on metal studs for wall framing, his works transform into three-dimensional installations, blurring the line between viewer and art.

Kocjančič's art is not merely aesthetic; it serves as a form of personal resistance, allowing him to express individuality, emotions, and experiences. Through extensive repetition of specific visual motifs, he prompts viewers to actively engage and rethink their interpretations. His artwork delves into the (un)reality of contemporary society, challenging perceptions of familiarity and encouraging viewers to reconsider the meaning behind familiar shapes and gestures.

Residing and working in Truške near Koper, Simon Kocjančič's commitment to pushing the boundaries of contemporary expression, coupled with his thought-provoking and engaging creations, solidifies his position as a dynamic and influential artist in the ever-evolving world of contemporary art.

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