Maja Babič Košir

Born in 1978, Ljubljana, SI

Lives and works between Ljubljana, Sl, and Porto, PT

Maja Babič Košir holds both a Bachelor's and Master's degree in sculpture from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana. Following her academic journey, she pursued advanced studies in creative illustration and visual communication at EINA University School of Design and Art in Barcelona.

Rooted in contemplative, introspective principles, her intuitive creative process draws from personal history and surroundings, translating inner experiences into a visually compelling narrative. The multidimensionality achieved through layering materials in installations challenges decorativeness, reflecting her background in contemporary sculpture. Her practice serves as a transformative archive, embracing imperfections, exploring the plasticity and sensory dimensions of recycled materials found in rich and well-preserved family archives.

In her versatile artistic practice, Maja often collaborates with established international artists, such as Duba Sambolec, Nevena Aleksovski, and Diana Tamane. Bound by their common positions as women and artists, through their artistic dialogue and minimalist visual language, the artists explore various contemporary societal issues.

She actively participates in international contemporary art fairs and shows, showcasing her work at established venues such as the Museum of Modern Art in Ljubljana, Slovenia; UGM Maribor Art Gallery; Cukrarna in Ljubljana; ARCO Lisboa; SPARK Vienna; Berlin Art Week; Vienna Contemporary; SWAB Barcelona; and Zürich Art Weekend. She has won several awards and acknowledgments, and her works are housed in various private and public collections.




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