Ivana Bajec

Born in 1990, Pula, HR

Lives and works in Ljubljana, SI

Ivana Bajec engages in drawing, graphic art, and painting. With her undergraduate and postgraduate studies in painting completed at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana, she has showcased her works in numerous group and solo exhibitions, both locally and internationally.

Known for her dedication to improvisation, experimentation, and exploration, Bajec's canvases serve as painted diaries, seamlessly blending abstractions with whimsical depictions. This distinctive approach infuses her artistic expression with spontaneity and playfulness, complemented by a witty and occasionally provocative confessional style.

Bajec's art not only mirrors her individualistic approach but also responds to the challenges of the modern era. Born into a generation accustomed to phrases like "unprecedented challenges," her art becomes a reflection of the generational anxiety surrounding contemporary aspects of life that feel both alienating and intimate.

While not directly referencing current events, Bajec's work provides a window into her mental and emotional state over recent years, exploring the intricacies of news consumption, media, and wider internet culture. Her paintings, often characterized by a distinctive language and a summer pastel colour palette, merge abstract and figurative elements, presenting a unique perspective on cultural phenomena.

Bajec's art transcends being a direct commentary on current events. It serves as an independent record of her everyday life at specific moments in time. Through a blend of abstract forms and recognizable symbols from the internet landscape, Bajec's paintings celebrate the immediacy and viral nature of online content. The artworks provide a fresh perspective on cultural phenomena, offering viewers a reflection of their own experiences in a humorous and relatable manner.

In her art, Ivana Bajec adeptly navigates the balance between social commentary and personal expression. While addressing contemporary malaise, her paintings transcend it, providing a redemptive call to embrace the joy and spontaneity of life.

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