RAVNIKAR is a contemporary art gallery that represents a diverse group of internationally renowned artists while striving to promote the emerging generation of young creators.

It aims to showcase a wide range of imaginative art practices by creating a platform for local and international artists, collectives, curators, and others working in the field of contemporary arts. Recognizing the increasingly important role that contemporary visual art plays in socio-political and cultural discourse, we seek dialogue between artists, the community of experts, collectors, and the general public through a range of multidisciplinary projects and initiatives.

Since its inception, the gallery's fundamental vision has been to present intergenerational local art production on one hand and to build lasting international partnerships to exchange knowledge and experience with foreign audiences on the other. We try to achieve this primarily through our continuous presence at leading international art fairs and various exhibition exchanges.


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RAVNIKAR is a non-profit arts organisation devoted to championing and nurturing emerging voices in contemporary art.Follow #ravnikar #ravnikargalleryspace
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